Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Deep Cleaning & Sanitisation

With the global spread of the Coronavirus everybody is becoming increasingly aware of the need to disinfect as well as carry out deep cleaning.

Safetest have developed a coronavirus deep cleaning strategy using guidance from Health Protection Scotland to offer a complete, specialist, Coronavirus sanitisation service for a range of commercial premises that have either suffered from a confirmed case of Coronavirus or would like to take precautionary measures in order to protect their workforce.

Our Coronavirus deep cleaning service is extremely comprehensive. We understand the importance of sanitising properly all surfaces, touch points, any equipment and furniture.
Our sanitisation process includes Virucidal sanitising to all surfaces, primarily focusing on touch points including:

  • Desktops and all work surfaces
  • Doorknobs and door handles
  • Light switches and dimmer switches
  • Computer monitors, keyboards, mice
  • Tablets and laptops
  • Telephone equipment
  • All chair rests and arms
  • Canteen tables and chairs, crockery, trays and cutlery
  • Sinks, taps and kitchen areas
  • Toilets, including all surfaces
  • Water fountains and drinks dispensers and vending machines
  • Lifts and their doors and buttons.

Our service includes a full fogging process using a powerful virucide and sanitizer to help keep your premises sterilized for up to 14 days.

Each sanitisation project is backed up with a full report detailing the extent of the works, surfaces and areas covered, when they were cleaned and who by.

Safetest also undertake a pre planned programme of sanitisation and can offer daily / weekly or monthly schedules to suit our clients requirements.

If you suspect that your business premises, your customers or any of your staff may be at risk from infection from the Coronavirus, call us today on 01224 515432. Safetest has the expertise to carry out coronavirus infection control. We will execute the disinfection of your business premises to the appropriate standards, including fogging, to give your business a clean bill of health and allow you to keep on trading.

What is the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Coronavirus COVID-19 is essentially a respiratory illness which is being caused by a new virus, for which a vaccine is still being studied.

The first case was reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The symptoms include coughing, sore throat, fever and shortness of breath. Some people manage to recover relatively easily while others end up losing their life.

Unfortunately since this is still a new virus, information is rather limited, and research is currently underway to learn more about it.

What is a known fact is that the coronavirus COVID-19 can very easily spread from one person to another, and the most important way to fight against it is good hygiene and disinfection.

Why is fogging so effective at infection control?

If you believe that anyone has been exposed to the coronavirus and has subsequently visited your premises, call us today to book in a decontamination service on 01224 515432. Regular cleaning may seem adequate, alhough this is often not the case. As an alternative to conventional cleaning, fogging kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

This process leaves your premises as infection-free as is possible. For example, conventional cleaning is not enough to get rid of MRSA. Fogging is effective at removing MRSA and kills a very wide range of pathogens.

Not all disinfectants are effective either. They may be completely ineffectual depending on the surfaces they are applied to and the environment they are in. Our expertise in infection control ensures the right chemicals and cleaning agents are used as well as the correct process.

Protect Your Office or Home

Proper disinfection is critical to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. This applies to both households as well as workplaces and offices.

It is critical to sanitise tables, desks, fixtures, doors, and frames. We also place importance on the need to sanitise office equipment and any appliances such as keyboards, mice, fridges and machinery. The floors will be thoroughly cleaned, not just with normal mopping and washing but with proper sanitisation. This includes ledges, and skirtings.

In the case of business premises, we will not only clean the offices but we will also see to the sanitisation and deep cleaning of common areas such as lifts, stairwells, staff kitchens, reception areas, meeting and board rooms, corridors and lobbies.

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations