Fire Extinguisher Servicing

A fire extinguisher could save your life; But fire those taking advantage of our fire extinguisher servicing service effectively would save your life!

Every day, in every building, in every part of the World people put their lives in the hands of others. You know where the fire extinguishers are but you have no idea when they were last serviced of whether they were serviced properly!

Regular Servicing is essential

Regular servicing is essential for Fire Safety products such as Fire Extinguishers. British Standard Code of Practice (BS5306 Part 3) recommends that Fire Extinguishers are serviced at least annually to ensure that they will operate properly should an emergency occur. Fire Extinguishers will provide many years of reliable fire protection if they are properly maintained and regularly serviced by a competent engineer.

Frequently it is the failure by a company to undertake adequate Fire Extinguisher Servicing which is cited as the cause of a failure to contain a fire. The problem generally lies with an inadequate fire extinguisher servicing regime.

The Safetest Fire Extinguisher Servicing Guarantee

Safetest engineers will provide fire extinguisher servicing on a regular basis to ensure your equipment is ready for the moment that you really need it….and that is guaranteed!! Our engineers can also guarantee that your Fire Extinguisher Servicing happens on time, every time – which will ensure that when they are needed, your fire extinguishers operate first time and to their maximum efficiency.

Unless you have a regular contract, Fire Extinguisher Servicing can be one of those things that always gets pushed to the back of the queue. Safetest are able to offer a cost effective solution for fire extinguisher servicing and our packages when combined with Fire Alarm Servicing offer unbeatable value for money.

We carry out Fire Extinguisher Servicing to all types of Fire Extinguishers and Hose Reels. Our BAFE qualified Fire Extinguisher Service Engineers are not driven by commission based incentives. This means that you get the high quality service that you require for what is one of the most important elements of your safety maintenance regime.

This, as in all of our services, is backed up by the Safetest guarantee. We offer competitive annual Servicing agreements and call-out services to refill used fire extinguishers or repair faulty equipment.

Fire Extinguisher Sales

Safetest also offer Fire Extinguisher sales as a dedicated service to ensure you are fully compliant in the required fire extinguishers. If that is not the case you can simply purchase one from Safetest (Scotland) and be well on your way to becoming a fire safety compliant business.

Safetest here to help!

Whatever your Fire Extinguisher servicing needs we’ll almost certainly be able to help with engineers located in Aberdeen and servicing fire extinguishers through Scotland including Dundee, Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.

Call us today on 01224 515432 or email us here to find out how our service can help your business.

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Our Accreditations