Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic survey using thermal imaging is a non- invasive process that is used as an effective inspection or maintenance tool to detect areas of inadequacy or failure. It enables the early discovery of unseen hazards in electro- mechanical systems or problems associated with heat loss and poor insulation.

The objective of a thermographic survey is to identify abnormally high temperatures within electrical distribution systems. Any high temperatures within electrical components are often indicative of imminent or possible problems.

Early identification of these faults is essential in order that corrective action can be undertaken before the problem escalates. Electrical circuits and components often fail because of fatigue, defective components, contamination, or just loose connections due to poor workmanship, but all failing components have one thing in common, they will always have a rise in temperature or ‘hot spot’ prior to failure.

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Thermographic Survey – What does it involve?

Thermal imaging involves an engineer visiting your premises with a special infra-red camera that can detect heat. Most electrical parts that are damaged will emit heat. This is detected by the camera and will alert the engineer to a potential problem.

Our electrical thermal imaging surveys can detect problems in distribution equipment and switchgear long before traditional means quickly, efficiently and safely. The thermal images can also be used to identify loose connections, overloaded circuits, and similar issues.

This service enables BS7671:2008 to be met in an efficient, non-intrusive manner whilst also identifying possible overloading that may normally go undetected.

Will it disrupt work?

In most cases Thermographic Surveys can be carried out without disruption to the power supply, however if excessive temperatures are found, it may be necessary to remove covers from distribution boards to allow for closer inspection of cabling.

We use the latest thermal imaging technology on distribution boards, switchgear, control panels and other related items to identify potential faults before they arise, to avoid costly breakdowns, fires or accidents.

Heat is often invisible to the naked eye and potential problems may not be readily identifiable with standard electrical testing. As a result, thermal imaging is a valuable diagnostic tool for detecting overloads and unbalanced loads, harmonics, loose connections and bad wiring, allowing corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur.

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