What is a thermographic survey and why do you need one?


Thermography is a non-invasive technique that will record the thermal properties of a building or object. It can detect areas of inadequacy or failure and enable the early discovery of unseen hazards in electro- mechanical systems or problems associated with heat loss and poor insulation.

Why should you undertake a thermographic survey?

A thermographic survey will  identify abnormally high temperatures within electrical distribution systems. Any high temperatures within electrical components are often indicative of imminent or possible problems.


Once these faults are identified then it is essential that corrective action can be undertaken before the problem escalates. Electrical circuits and components often fail because of fatigue, defective components, contamination, or just loose connections due to poor workmanship, but all failing components have one thing in common, they will always have a rise in temperature or ‘hot spot’ prior to failure.


By undertaking a thermographic survey you’ll ensure that your office or workplace can keep operating with no interruptions. It will also mean that you’re compliant with building regulations and  

and it could help reduce the your company’s energy consumption.


It’s best to undertake a thermographic survey when you have as many electrical circuits in operation as possible. This will mean that weaknesses (or hotspots) are shown because the system is under heavy load. It is also recommended that prior to the survey  covers are removed or doors doors are opened so the camera measures surface temperature.


Heat is often invisible to the naked eye and potential problems may not be readily identifiable with standard electrical testing. As a result, thermal imaging is a valuable diagnostic tool for detecting overloads and unbalanced loads, harmonics, loose connections and bad wiring, allowing corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur


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